Health, Safety & Environment

In NovaSeis safety always comes first as prevention is better than a cure.

NovaSeis commitment is to provide a safe working environment for all staff, on and offsite. 
We take health and safety very seriously, making it our top priority on all projects.
As a part of this commitment NovaSeis has implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS)
The IMS integrates NovaSeis's Health, Safety and Environmental  Protection into one complete framework, enabling the organization to work as a single unit with unified objectives.
The organization’s Standards, Environmental Controls, Job Safety Analysis (JSA's) and the Project Specific Management Plans support the IMS. This system ensures that our activities are conducted in a way designed to prevent injuries, occupational illness and environmental impact. To effectively maintain the IMS, we have a dedicated and highly experienced team of HSE staff who assist Managers in assuring compliance on all projects.
NovaSeis adopts a risk management approach to all pre-survey planning activities. As a minimum a Project HSE Plan, an Emergency Response Plan (EMP) and Environment Management Plan will be developed for every seismic survey. Lessons learned and post-completion survey reviews are incorporated into OH&S documentation for future surveys.


Health and Safety Management Manual (HSE-MM)
To establish and maintain best practice of HSE culture throughout NovaSeis, we have implemented and compiled a Health and Safety Management Manual (HSE-MM) in accordance with International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) and International Association of Geophysical Contractor (IAGC) guidelines. The HSE-MM is continuously improved by conformance checks.

The Manual of NovaSeis's HSE Management comprise of seven inter-correlated components:

  • leadership and commitment
  • policy and strategic objectives
  • organisation, resources and documentation
  • evaluation and risk management
  • planning
  • implementation and monitoring
  • auditing and review


Policies & Procedures

In order to explain our key principles, we have developed Policies that establish a clear set of values and objectives for the effective management of health, safety and environmental performance.

NovaSeis HSE Policies address the following aspects:

NovaSeis believes strongly that all accidents can be prevented. We strive in all aspects of our operations to achieve an incident free environment. We consider safeguarding the environment and preserving the health of its employees, contractors, and communities that are part of our operations.