Recording system

Cable & Wireless Technologies

NovaSeis’s seismic crew can be equipped with a recording system to meet the Client’s requirements, terrain and land access or environmental conditions.

For data acquisition, we operate with internationally established instruments:

• Cable Seismic Recording System Sercel 428/408
• Cableless Seismic Recording System Geospace Seismic Recorder (GSR)

NovaSeis can recommend the right system to provide 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic data in a variety of environments and terrain, in order to attain high production rates and deliver premier image results.

• Cable based acquisition systems deliver high quality data in all survey conditions.
• Wireless acquisition technology provides an alternative to cable based systems in areas of less accessible terrain, or where there is a high density of roads utilities and other obstructions.

The latest cable less recording system enables us to:
• Achieve higher production rates than achievable by using traditional methods
• Minimise environmental impact
• Acquire quality and efficient data in difficult terrain
• Simplify and modify programs as real time situations change during the survey

During our recent seismic acquisition campaigns, we were able to achieve higher rates of production using our wireless recording equipment, compared with traditional, cable systems. We can therefore offer our clients more competitive prices, but still supply data of excellent quality. 

NovaSeis also offers purpose-built, accommodation and office trailers, designed to enable seismic crew personnel to perform efficiently, comfortably and safely.