NovaSeis has created a complete Geodetic Department incorporating all aspects of surveying, mapping and spatial analysis.

Our Survey/Recording Department is equipped, with the following hardware and software:

  • Trimble dual-frequency GPS GNSS receivers capable of working in all survey modes (RTK, DGPS, Kinematic, Static, GSM NTrip)
  • Novatel ProPak V3 DGPS receivers utilizing OmniStar network
  • Trimble M3 Total Station
  • Field Tablets (Trimble Yuma, Tablets, Toughbooks) incorporating GIS technology
  • ESRI GIS software
  • AutoCad software
  • GPSeismic suite of data processing applications

The Surveying data is part of the whole acquisition procedure where all Geographical Information System (GIS) is not only used to simplify field operations, but maximized in obtaining highly accurate post data assurances.

NovaSeis surveying oversees all areas in spatial collection including

  • Initial preplanning – Layout design terrain dependent
  • Permitting database – Highlighting importance of land ownership
  • Survey Control – Confirmation of acquisition design
  • Line Stakeout – GPS or Conventional methodology
  • Vibrator guidance – DGPS or Real-Time
  • Seismic crew – Field tablets, mapping
  • QC Survey data processing

All of this data is incorporated into various databases (via ArcGis, GPSeismic) for all quality control of job specific information and for future archiving.