Time Processing

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We offer time processing services including:

  • Complex statics solutions using made to purpose software
  • Utilization of the latest algorithms for noise attenuation and removal
  • Hybrid domains both in 2D and 3D for noise subtraction
  • Surface consistent deconvolution and scaling
  • Various algorithms for data interpolation including the most advanced multi- dimensional 5D interpolation
  • Interactive velocity analysis
  • Comprehensive multiple subtraction
  • Landmarks’ Kirchhoff time migration algorithms both an isotropic and anisotropic migration with straight and curved ray adjustments
  • CRS processing
  • AVO amplitude preserving workflow
  • High-Res filtering techniques to enhance frequency bandwidth and other techniques of high-frequency enhancement of seismic data

Statics Solution

Creation of good model for Low Velocity Layers and statics correction calculation are crucial in seismic data processing. For that purpose we utilize Seismic Studio software, which provides comprehensive tools for:

  • First breaks picking
  • Complex approach to statics calculations based on different LVL models
  • 3D approach to 2D data, which provides consistent statics solution for the whole survey
  • 3D Seismic Tomography 


Comprehensive approach to Surface Consistent Residual Statics computation with intermediate velocity analyses is very powerful tool in processing and allows further correction for the statics issues.


Noise Attenuation

NovaSeis utilizes wide range of various techniques to remove noise from the seismic data.

Various noise attenuation algorithms that target both coherent and random noise are applied in controlled manner to maximize the pre-stack s/n ratio while preserving signal amplitudes.

Through the extensive testing NovaSeis has the ability to examine the characteristics of the noise and remove it in a number of domains both in 2D and 3D like shot, receiver, offset, 3D cross-spreads and hybrid domains for 2D data.


AVO, amplitude preserving processing workflow

NovaSeis offers full AVO compliant workflow utilizing surface consistent processes which are used in statics, amplitude corrections and deconvolution to maintain amplitude integrity with offset. Higher-order amplitude preserving Kirchhoff pre-stack migration yields high fidelity migrated gathers for input to gather conditioning and AVO attributes.


Data regularization and interpolation

NovaSeis uses the available 2D, 3D and 5D interpolation and regularization techniques. Depending on the project requirements NovaSeis can utilize various applications like flex binning, cross-spread 3D interpolation, offset 3D interpolation and the most advanced multi- dimensional 5D interpolation.


NovaSeis utilizes Landmarks’ pre-stack Kirchhoff 3D/2D time migration algorithms to obtain the highest quality image appropriate for further interpretation. The algorithms include both an isotropic and anisotropic migration with straight and curved ray adjustments. For the post-stack time migration NovaSeis offers, among others, Finite Difference and Kirchhoff algorithms.


Frequency enhancement

High-Res Filter

To enhances frequency bandwidth of seismic data NovaSeis utilize the High-Res filtering techniques based on Creston Seismic Software LLC

High-frequency Enhancement 

NovaSeis utilizes also techniques of high-frequency enhancement of seismic data to increase frequency content on seismic data.